ReadersTheaterAllYearBug10 Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What are "search-free" custom scripts with curriculum links?
Search-free custom scripts
are scripts you don't have to really search for--you know where you'll find them.  Thus, they save you time. 
means made special for you, but shared with our community.  So, search-free custom scripts are on topics our community of caring parents and teachers have suggested. 

Every one of our scripts has several annotated curriculum links included for easy lesson planning.  These give you the greatest flexibility with the least amount of your time researching.  We save you time hunting scripts and planning lessons.

2.  What are the benefits of membership in Readers Theater All Year?

Right now we have one subscription plan—the all-you-can-eat Script Buffet Club with monthly or annual membership.   See the benefits of joining in our article "Why Do Teachers Join Readers Theater All Year's Script Buffet Club?"

2.  Do you accept credit cards?
Unfortunately, our only current method of payment is PayPal, but it's EASY to set up a PayPal account and if you already have one, you're all set!  You can charge purchases to your credit card after you link your card to your PayPal account. If you join under one of our recurring payment options, your first seven days of Script Buffet Club are free, so PayPal won't charge you until your eighth day. At $4.23 a month for the Script Buffet Plan, it's almost a free gift!  And, the annual rate is about 25% less, so it's like 3 months FREE! Plus, now there's a school discount (for 3+ teachers). Unlike many credit card processors, PayPal accepts several currencies from around the globe.

3.  Why isn't everything free?
In order to provide the high quality Readers Theater curriculum services and website for parents and teachers we, just like all businesses, have to pay for hosting services, taxes, and administrative costs.  We choose not to fill this site with lots of distracting ads. 

You are paying for over 30 years of educational experience—both in the classroom and homeschooling.  Our founder, Carol Montgomery, has a masters degree in education with an emphasis in reading.  Her master's project was in Readers Theater. She's taught drama to classroom students as well as homeschoolers. Her mom thought Carol should be a ventriloquist because of her gift with puppets. Carol has been writing and producing scripts quietly for years.  We're told we should charge much more.

4.  How do I get started with Readers Theater All Year?
In the top bar of the home page you'll find our "Fast Start" to Readers Theater All Year™.  That will take you through the simple steps.

5.  How will I know what's new?
Keep checking back and the home page will list our most recent additions at the bottom.  Also, we'll try to keep you posted through our regular newsletter and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/readerstheaterallyear).

If you're not hearing from us, make sure you "white-list" our email address.  We have had some teachers not receiving our mailings because the school district email program thinks we're spam!  To be safe, put your personal email in the colorful balloon box.  We'll protect it!

6.  Where else can I find scripts?
There is nowhere else on-line that you can get over 300 Readers Theater scripts for less than a latte each month.
• Check online
• library books
• used books stores  
• write your own!  :)

7.  How do I make suggestions for future script topics?
Members may email Carol at more@ReadersTheaterAllYear.com. We'll have periodic surveys for our Script Buffet Club members that will take Readers Theater/puppet script suggestions.

8. How do I write my own scripts?
Good question!  You can find information online and in some books.  But, if you can wait awhile, we're working on a writing curriculum for Readers Theater that will be more comprehensive than anything you'll find. Stay tuned...

9.  How do I start a Readers Theater, drama, or puppet club?
Well, you don't have to be a drama expert.  You could have a small club just within your family or combine with a few other families.  Or you could start an after school club.  You could have a Friday Fun Club that meets the last half hour of Friday's school day. 

We don't have the space here to answer that question in detail, but Carol did do a teleseminar on "Fun Drama Clubs Anyone Can Run." The main questions for you to answer are:
•  Who is the club for?
•  Who will we perform for?
•  How often will we meet and perform?
For the more adventuresome, you may combine Readers Theater into a regular drama club and incorporate improv, pantomime, or even a memorized staged play.

10.  What opportunities will there be for members to get published?
Oh my!  We must have a few surprises, right?  Use your imagination, make some suggestions, and we'll get there.  Right now we're reviewing some unusual options to help you.  Let's grow together!
*** Bonus = New Questions Section:  ???  Your Questions K-12  Email questions from teachers answered by our founder, Carol Montgomery.  TrustworthyScriptsEagle