The Sugar Spies (R=3.7)

publication date: Jul 31, 2010
author/source: Carol Montgomery

Sugar SpiesThe Sugar Spies are at it again saving citizens from disaster in this free Readers Theater script.  Who ARE the Sugar Spies?'s best for you to meet them yourself--along with the mayor of the town of Destiny.  This frolicking script packs a punch of health thanks to the expertise of Dr. Colbert and the eagle eyes of the Sugar Spies.  Kids will never forget Fatland OR the Sugar Spies after playing spy in this Readers Theater script. 

TIME = about 11 minutes    CAST = 12+    TONE = serious fun   READABILITY: Grade 3.7

Here's a brief excerpt from the early part of this addictive Readers Theater script:


The Sugar Spies

By Carol Montgomery ©2010

ight after narrators parts and the mayor's phone call...

:  Your 9 o'clock appointment is here, Mayor.

Mayor:  (sighs)  Finally!  Send them right in.

Aide:  Are you sure you know what you're doing?

Mayor:  Of course I don't know what I'm doing;  that's why I've called for help.  These guys are experts you can trust.  They're from Truth Township and have the reputation of saving that town!

Aide:  Okay, whatever you say.  But, have you ever met any of these guys or talked with them?

Mayor:  No, I just called their agency.  Fortunately they are between cases so they could help us right away.  Send them right in, please.

Aide:  Are you sure you're ready?

Mayor:  We're in a town crisis!  The sooner we get an answer, the better for ALL of us!  Send them in.  Send them in!

Sugar Spies:  We're the Sugar Spies!
                      Can't you see it in our eyes?
                      We're the Sugar Spies,
                      Checkin' for bad buys..........

Click on the PDF link below to see the full printable version of the free Readers Theater script "The Sugar Spies."

Download the PDF of "The Sugar Spies"  free Readers Theater script.


*** IDEA...  Help your students become "Sugar Spies" and watch for the new labels!

May 20, 2016–Wall Street Journal article, "FDA Approves New Nutrition Panel That Highlights Sugar Levels":  "...Health officials say added sugars–such as corn sweetener–have no nutritional value and increase overall caloric intake, helping fuel obesity and diabetes while steering Americans away from nutrient-rich foods..."

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